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BAG for SALE @ SGD$30

LIFE SPIRIT BAG FOR SALE @ 30 Dollars. Prices negotiable. Contact me at or 93266693 ( SMS ONLY ) if interested.

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MUMBO 08 !

Mumbo is over once again, and this is already the 9th year i'm with the camp.

Played the role of the Programme Coordinator for this camp, which offered me a very different perspective of the camp. A rather unique one i would say.

As programme coordinator, i am rarely with the camp. When the camp is having breakfast at 8 oclock, jeremy and i would be running around ensuring the program at 9 oclock is ready, and preparing for the program at 10 oclock. Didnt get to see much of the campers this year, and i didnt know any new campers =(. Only campers from my group the past years know me, still am glad they remember me. It never fails to warm the heart to hear a camper call " Tianjun gor gor ..", especially if the camper is from one's previous years' group.

At the end of the camp, when all the groups were bidding their children goodbye, for a moment i felt rather lost, and empty also. lol. For the past four years, after the campfire, i would be at the group corner bidding the campers farewell, looking into some of their teary eyes, asking them to come back again next year. But for this year, i had nowhere to go when they were saying goodbye, so i went to the projector screen and sat there watching the picture slideshow. Soon, the committee started seating around too. Lol. Guess we have no where to go, no kids to say goodbye to, no kids to ask if they will miss us, no kids to ask if they would come back for next year's camp.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to coaching

Back to coaching with AKLTG. Did two camps so far, St Patrick's School and Changkat Changi Secondary school.

Both camps are of a new theme, stadium, where the campers would have to walk like hell for the second day.

For my first camp, ST pat's. We set off on the second day at 5.30 am and started walking.

Walked from Campsite ( jalan Lekar ) to Bollywood vegies which was a good 12km away, walked for 2 and a half hours with hardly any break.

The Original route was


2.Bollywood Veggies

3.Kranji Reservoir

4.Kranji War Memorial

5.Ten Mile Junction

6.Chestnut Avenue

7.Bukit Timah Hill Carpark

8.NgeeAnn Poly

9. Xiao Guilin

10. CCK Stadium

11. Campsite

however, we werent able to make it in time as it was a good 70 km route. So we skiped xiao guilin, and reached campsite around 12am.

Next camp ChangKat Changi, i would say this is my smallest camp i've done so far. Only 6 participants per group, a stark contrast to the norm of 20 per group. Moreover, i had an attached to me ! Haha, feels like so long since i had an, but i realised that i had an for the last camp last season, the camp before st.pats

Yep, an a coach certainly lightens the load. Most importantly, there's someone to discuss with about the camper, and steps to take to help the camper stretch himself/herself, or the personality of campers and what style to take to handle them.

Am personally quite happy with the arrangement of having smaller group although i understand that this would put a strain on the company's budget. Having a smaller group allows us to understand each camper better, forge closer bonds and notice the small things that the silent worker does that would other passed unnoticed.

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